Ped Egg – it actually works!

I was lucky enough to receive a Ped Egg for Xmas.
You know those things you see advertised on TV, you watch the infomercial and think to yourself “yeah right”

well… it actually works!!!!!

I have spent a virtual fortune on heel balms and the like over the years, nothing works, even with following the instructions to the letter! A couple of years ago my heels were so bad I just couldn’t stand it a single day longer and went to a podiatrist, what bliss, I walked out feeling fantastic, but of course with a short time back came the dry cracked skin. And at $70 a pop I just couldn’t afford to have regular treatments.

So it was with little hope that I opened my Ped Egg, I couldn’t believe my eyes, the dry skin just melted off!!  I even put my glasses on because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. So if you suffer from the same problem, do yourself a favour and get one of these little beauties! 


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