Opening Multiple Tabs as a group in IE7 Tutorial

I have created another tutorial for staff at work on tabbed browsing in IE7
I didn’t know I could load word files here, so another learning curve for me. I still haven’t fully explored the new desktop on, must set aside some time soon to do so!

The next two weeks will be full on with training and study, will blog when I get a chance too.

Here’s the file:

Also the Gmail Tutorial in word format

Gmail Tutorial

As part of a upcoming training session for Library staff I am helping a colleague with, here is a tutorial I prepared on how to get yourself a free Gmail account.
I am also doing tutorials on iGoogle, Google Gadgets, Google Reader, and how to place these on your iGoogle homepage.
I will post them when completed!

Get yourself a free Gmail email address
Log into
Click on Sign up for Gmail  

Type your First name
Type your Last name
Type in your desired login name  
Click on    Check availability!
Type in your desired password
It must be at least 8 characters, choose something you will remember
Ideally you should choose something with a good strength 
This will tell you how strong your password is:

Re-enter your password
Tick Remember me on this computer, not if it is a shared computer though!
Tick Enable Web History
Choose a Security Question from the drop down arrow
Type your answer
Type in a Secondary email if you have one
Your location is Australia
Type the characters you see in the picture
Read the Terms of Service if you wish to do so
Click on 

Read the three things you really should know
Click on I’m ready – show me my account
Click on the “settings” link in the upper-right corner of your screen

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Always use https

Click on Save Changes
Congratulations, you now have a Gmail account
Spend some time exploring your mail options
Don’t forget to sign out when you have finished!


Yahoo Trip Planner

The other day I found an online interactive tool to help research plan and record our upcoming trip. Called Yahoo Trip Planner, it integrates other Yahoo products such as Flickr, Yahoo Travel Guides and Yahoo Maps and will allow you to create your own personalised trip, photo album and travel journal.
You can save hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, maps and more to your own saved trip.
And the feature that I really liked is, you can easily search other trips and click on an entry and add it to your own trip!!!
It’s fascinating to look at where others are going, or have already been and to read their recommendations and tips!!

For more information visit:
Here’s the link to our trip:

Obviously we are in the very early planning stages, and I haven’t added Ireland yet.

Picnik – online photo editor

I found this great online photo editor today called Picnik

You can upload your own images or those you find on the web.
If you have a Flickr or Picasa account, you can save the images direct to your profile or you can save straight to your computer.

If you use Firefox as your browser you can download the Firefox Picnik extension to easily import your images into Picnik.

With the editing, you can resize, rotate, crop, sharpen and fix red eye in your pictures. You can even add special effects. Here’s one of my Meat Loaf Photos after editing. I have cropped the image, sharpened and resized it, and added rounded edges.






Free File Conversion

Check out this free website that allows you to convert Document, Image, Music and Video Files into different formats:


You can convert a maximum of 5 files in a single session, with a maximum file upload limit of 100MB. There is no software to download, and once you have completed the 4 steps, your converted file is emailed to you.

Personally I think I will be using it mostly for PDF files.
For example, word document files can be converted to:

html – Hypertext Markup Language
odt – OpenDocument Text Document
pcx – Paintbrush Bitmap Image
pdf – Portable Document Format
png – Portable Network Graphic
ps – Postscript document
txt – Text document

Free Web Page Headers

I’ve been looking to find a free header for my blog. I’ve tried different images and even created a couple myself, but haven’t been happy with the result.

The current header is one from

They currently have over 400 images for personal websites or blogs.
You will need to register to download a free image.

Google Homepage

I have been using Google search page as my homepage in my browser for several years. Today I was looking at Google more in depth and discovered that I could have my own personal homepage, and better yet, Google have just released several themes for you to choose from. Here’s my new homepage:


The theme I have chosen is the Teahouse. It’s night time at the moment, but during the day the theme changes to several different images depending on what time it is. How sweet is this!! Apparently the weather conditions also change, but I haven’t seen this yet.

This is one of the daytime images:


The homepage can be totally personalised to suit what you would like to have on it. Currently I have the date, the calendar, my new Google Search Engine, my Google Reader, the weather (it’s currently 12 degrees), and my Gmail.

There are lots of interesting things you can put on your page. For example – news, finance, sports, google map search, and dozens of others.

To get your own Google Homepage, all you need is a free Google account which you can get here