Starting IE7 with multiple tabs

In an effort to make it easier for staff at work on the circulation desk I have found a useful tool available in IE7. We start each day with Tabs for the following: catalogue enquiry search, pc booking page, PLAIN, Libraries Australia and Google search.

At home I start with: iGoogle, Google BlogSearch, my blog, and my facebook

multiple homepages

multiple homepages

To customize your opening tabs:

Click the Tools Menu
Click Internet Options
Click the General Tab
Type in or paste an URL that you want to use as your home page in the Home Page section.
Hit ENTER and type in another URL
Repeat until you have all the ones you want
Click OK
Close and Restart your browser to see them all open at once

Opening Multiple Tabs as a group in IE7 Tutorial

I have created another tutorial for staff at work on tabbed browsing in IE7
I didn’t know I could load word files here, so another learning curve for me. I still haven’t fully explored the new desktop on, must set aside some time soon to do so!

The next two weeks will be full on with training and study, will blog when I get a chance too.

Here’s the file:

Also the Gmail Tutorial in word format