My first video post

Here is a video I shot on my camera at Circular Quay of Emma a british contortionist performing (above) and a pic taken at same time which is much clearer.


Instructions for how to do this on wordress are here

Holiday in Sydney

The dust has settled somewhat since returning home. Still have blisters from all the walking but the swelling in my feet has gone down, almost back to normal now.
I have created a powerpoint presentation for all my photos and videos.
Loved Sydney so much I am already planning on returning next year to visit the places I didn’t get to this time!

If you are considering a trip there are some things you just can’t miss seeing, for me the highlights definately are:

Riding the ferries – everywhere
Powerhouse Museum
The Rocks area
Queen Victoria Building
Hyde Park Barracks
Hyde Park
St Mary’s Cathedral

Places I didn’t have time to see or explore fully, marked for the next trip

Art Gallery of NSW
Mrs Mcquarries chair
The Rocks
Bondi Beach
The shops 😆 didn’t really have time for shopping
Manly, in particular I want to do the ghost tour!
Day trip to the Blue Mountains
Visit Taronga Zoo

Best tip I can give anyone visiting Sydney for the first time is to go to your local Library and photocopy some maps of Sydney from their Street Directory! Even though I had several maps, the ones I used the most were the photocopied ones!
Also get yourself the Sydney Explorer Pass, it visits ALL the major stops, 27 in total and will save your feet!!!! Link to more details here
Also we booked our hotel and flights with Virgin Blue Holidays as a package and saved almost $500 on the accommodation!!


Sydney Day 5

Home at last, after a jam packed holiday…. Will write more after having a good sleep…

Itinerary for yesterday:

Took the train from the central station into Circular Quay and walked around to the rocks area. Spent some time in the visitor centre there and then went to the Museum next door. Fantastic displays and well worth a visit!!! I wish we had allocated a whole day to the area (or two) it needs it to see it all. Time was pressing on so we made our way back towards the Quay. There was a young english woman doing some “street theatre” have pics and GREAT videos of her show, which will upload when I get a chance to.

We then had to make some choices, what did we have time to see before having to leave… The only way to get out to Mrs McQuaries Chair is by the Sydney explorer pass, man I wish we had of gone with this option!!!! Decided in the end to head up to the Museum of Sydney, wrong decision… I’m not sure what we expected, maybe a museum filled with relics of Sydney, not so, it really was absolute rubbish, and I won’t go into the details of the shop and cafe. Take a tip, don’t bother visiting!

We then headed to Hyde Park to visit the War Memorial, it is absolutely gorgeous and the coolest place we visited on the entire trip, fantastic displays, and truly a credit to the memory of our brave men and women who served!

We then decided to head back to the hotel, both of us absolutely exhausted!
The railways were doing track work so instead of taking a train to the airport we went by bus, which really didn’t take much more time than the train so we were nice and early for our flight home. Another good flight, it was 32 degrees when we landed at Adelaide at 9pm.

It’s good to be home, a great trip and I can’t wait to go back, but there’s really no place like home is there. I will upload more pics and videos in the next few days.

Highlights of the trip
The Ferries
The Rocks area
Powerhouse Museum – Diana a celebration
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Queen Victoria Building
Sydney Opera House
Hyde Park Barracks
St Mary’s Cathedral
Circular Quay





Sydney Day 4

Another jam packed day, off to a reasonably early start this morning!! Took the train from central station out to Milsons Point so we could go over THE BRIDGE, couldn’t see much as we couldn’t get a seat up top, but at least TC can now say he has been over the bridge 😆

Then took another ferry to Darling Harbour to the Aust. National Maritime Museum, which was really good, with two exceptions, rude staff and unruly teenage groups and their frazzled and VERY loud mouthed teachers who were trying to keep the little monsters in check. The youth were all of the same opinion and were quite vocal about it “this is booorrriiinnnggg” It was obvious they didn’t want to be there. Other than that it was worthwhile to visit.

Then took the monorail (will have nightmares for years about that) to Chinatown and Paddy’s Market.

Don’t want to make this post one long whinge, BUT, Chinatown is a embarassment to Sydney and Australia, all that build up, it was quite laughable really. Dirty, smelly, noisy, and what is there but overpriced restaurants and cheap and tatty souvenirs…

Paddy Market was good, not the bottom area, but once you go upstairs it’s great, had the BEST fruit salad ever at lunch time!

We then headed into the city via the monorail again (shudder) one thing we have noticed is that 90% of the public transport we have been on, and let me tell you we have just about been on it all 😆 is crowded and NOT airconditioned!!!!! Sydney would be totally unbearable for visitors during summer I think, and I certainly would not come back over the summer months again.

We then got lost in the city, yes me with a thousand maps (and that’s another story) in the end a really nice lady stopped and asked if she could help, might have been the dumb looks on our faces, but we were trying to get a close look at THE TOWER, we had seen it on the monorail and it should have been quite close. Absolute TOTAL embarassment as she said with a wry smile “turn around and look up” Jeeeeeezzzzz we had walked right past it….

So we backtracked and I got another dozen or so photos of it. Have I mentioned yet that I had to buy another 1 gig memory card for the camera, son said before we left that I wouldn’t use what I had, but a combination of videos (mostly by accident) and about 400 photos so far 😆 got ripped off with the price, but what the heck.

We then were totally exhausted both by yesterday’s marathon session and the heat and stress of today that we just went and SAT for about a hour in Hyde Park, which is beautiful.

Then headed down to Circ Q to catch a ferry again, LOVE the ferries, it’s cool and terrific, no seasickness at all, love it!! We had a nice surprice and had a new sleek white machine to ride on out to Rose Bay, man did it move AWESOME, got a great video of the trip back!

Then headed back to hotel, absolutely stuffed tonight, can’t do night ferry, just too tired 😦

Went to a local pub for tea called Taylors on Central, wev’e been there for tea 3 of the 4 nights, it’s great food!

Tomorrow is check out day, but we can leave our luggage here at the hotel until we are ready to catch the train to the airport which is really good.

Last minute sightseeing planned is trying to find a way out to the art gallery of NSW and also Mrs Macquaries Chair, then hopefully some time in the rocks. We shall see.

One more thing I want to mention, if you decided to holiday in Sydney get yourself a Sydney Express pass for your visit, sure it costs big money, and a lot more than the travel pass we bought, BUT it will take you almost virtually the doorstop of all the major attractions, saving your feet and heaps of time!!!! I sure wish I have of gone this option, but hey it is the first visit for me.

I will be coming back for sure!! Just not in Summer 😆

Sydney day 3


Started with brekky next door again in the plaza, then headed into town. I’m almost out of time so will be brief. In order of doing today:

Hyde park – beautiful
Fountain – beautiful
St Mary Cathedral – beautiful
St James Church – interesting
Centrepoint Tower – is everywhere you look
Queen Vic statue – TC can’t focus camera
Hyde Park Barrracks – Excellent, abc were shooting out the front, inside very interesting
Parliament House – ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
State Library


All afternoon cruising the ferries from Circ Q to Taronga Zoo, also back out past Darling Harbour – Love the ferries !!!!!

Back to hotel to rest up

The Rocks Ghost Tour, not really scary, but VERY informative funny and interesting, can HIGHLY recommend anyone to do. See scary photos on flickr, but maybe the scary operator did it, you judge 😆

Totally exhaused, off to sleep….

Sydney Day 2

Slept in!!!! Was tired from yesterday i guess. Had a great brekky in the centennial plaza next door then headed off to the Powerhouse for the Diana exhibition.
It was every bit as good as i thought it would be, a fitting and beautiful tribute to a much loved and missed princess. i was doing okay until I came to the funeral room display, was still doing okay until the lady in front of me started to cry, which set everyone off!!
Nearly got kicked out when i took some pics outside in another area next to the cafe where they had a exhibit of commerative ware (my collection is WAY WAY larger) anyway I was happy taking pics until the security guard came and told me to stop as the flash damaged the china…….  😆 pull the other one it plays jingle bells lady.
Wasn’t terribly impressed as i HAD checked with the front desk staff when entering where I could or could not take pics…. Get your facts right powerhouse!!! Not happy jan!!!

Then caught the monorail into the city, wow of a trip, can recommend it. We went to Darling Harbour next, boy was it HOT. Personally I can’t see any attraction in the place as we aren’t going to the aquarium or maritime museum… maybe I missed something, but it is all shops and cafes….

Then caught a ferry back to Circular Quay – BY FAR THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE TRIP – i could quite happily do nothing else here except ride the ferries!! Plan on doing several more trips in the days to come!!

We then went for a quick exploration of the rocks – LOVED IT !!!! We are going back tomorrow night for tea somewhere and todo the ghost tour, really looking forward to that!!!!!

There’s so much more to say and do, I can’t type any faster, and time is limited. I have uploaded more photos, taken 185 in two days, and several video clips that I didn’t know I was taking. Guess i should of spent some more time learning the new camera 😆

Tomorrow we are going into the city and hyde park, got about 4 places to visit. For now going up to the pool to soak my foot….. long story  😆

More pics uploaded into flickr

Sydney Day 1

Flight was good, says a lot from me as i HATE to fly, but went quickly with no probs.
Had some trouble finding info on the travel pass but got it organised eventually!
The trip into sydney by train flew by, and was mostly underground, something I wasn’t expecting, I think it took about 10 minutes or so. The hotel is only a 5 minute walk from the Central station, and is VERY POSH to say the least.
After a quick recovery took bus into Circular Quay and had a good look around (see latest flick pics) picked up tickets from the opera house, so all ready to go for tomorrow!
Sussed out GREAT place for breakfast which is (I think) centennial plaza which is literally right next to the hotel, and only one third of the price of breakfast in the hotel, so guess we will be trying it out tomorrow, but there are literally heaps of places to eat!!

After picking up MOUNTAINS of tourist brochures headed for the QVB or Queen Victoria building, it is so stunning!! took a couple of snaps of the clock and then headed for the display of the english crown jewels, unfortunately looks like a lot of the pics have a really bad flash, but may be able to recify that later.

Then back to hotel – EXHAUSTED – it may not be as hot as old Adelaide, but it sure is HUMID. Going to investigate the hotel further in a minute, find the pool and sundeck, not that I’m going in mind, just to have a look. Then plan public transport for tomorrow.

Having problems with my new camera, I packed the booklet for my new phone instead of camera 😆

Ok, off to find somewhere to eat!!