I have just finished all my assignments for my course this year!!!!
Hopefully now I will have some time for other interests for the next 3 months!!!
Oh, and more time to blog 😆

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Trip Update

Have organised the tickets to the princess Diana exhibition on at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney for Wednesday, see previous post here for all the details.

Created a trip journal at Yahoo Trip planner, will try to schedule everything this week, in between work, study, shopping, organising cats and dog, packing…

Unpacked new phone, crikey, be a miracle if I can master it by next week, haven’t mastered the new digital camera from xmas yet 😆

Starting to feel very nervous about the flight….

Study Complete for 2007

Whew, it’s been a very long year. I’m glad to have a break from it all !!!!
Some of the modules have been interesting, some mind bendingly boring……

I’ve now got until late January off, time to have a LIFE and catch up on all the things I never have time for whilst studying.

I’ve received my results for exams on the computing module, 100%, 100% and a disappointing 90%. Apparently I missed two of the questions entirely. Not surprising as first they lost my test requests and then sent a faulty disk, by then I was pretty fed up with them and the whole thing, no excuse really. But as they either grade you as a pass or fail there really isn’t any incentive whatsoever to put in the maximum effort, which really goes against my work/study ethic, for me it’s 100% all the way.

I’m going to look into other study options for next year, trouble is that different people tell me their experiences at different places, and they ALL sound the same, too few tutors, too many students.  sigh.

IE7 Tips

I recently completed a guide/how to for colleagues at my Library on IE7. I don’t use it at home so the process of creating a guide was a bit of a challenge 😆

One useful change I noticed was the ability to increase the size of the text in the browser.
Besides the tabbed browsing ability I think this will probably be the most used feature.

Here’s a quick how to:
Click the Page icon then select Text Size and choose the size you want, either largest, larger, medium, smaller or smallest.


Concert for Diana

Wow, from what I have seen of the concert it was a GREAT event, and a fitting tribute to Diana from her two boys.

I stayed up as late as I could to watch, but it didn’t start until 12.30 am, so I taped it and will watch it entirely when I have some free time.

Last night Channel Nine broadcast it on free to air, at the time I was thinking how on earth are they going to condense it to just 3 hours? So I watched it, oh dear, they edited the heck out of it!!!

I didn’t shed a tear until P. Diddy came on and sang “I’ll Be Missing You”  what a beautiful job he did!!!
The other highlight for me was a young singer called Lilly Allen, I hadn’t heard of her before and I loved her songs!!

I will probably post some more on this when I get a chance, right now I am concentrating on my studies. Modules have to be completed by the end of October, and I plan on completing at least another 4  by then.


I may of jumped the gun a bit on my previous post.
Iv’e been talking to one of my colleagues about study and comparing notes. He is doing the same Diploma course as me, but not by distance education. Apparently when they say 60 hours via the classroom it means 60 hours, and at least that much again at home studying.

So here am I thinking I must be the dumbest nut on the tree as the module I have just finished took approx 100 hours compared to the 60 hours listed.

The bottom line is I have passed it, and my Tutor sent me some wonderful words that really made my day!

I am very impressed with your work and I think your assignments are the best I have received. Every aspect was done thoroughly to honours standard.

To get such great feedback makes up for the fact that in the end all I will have is a certificate that says I have passed…

Distance Learning Study

I’m having a quick break from study today to post my thoughts. I am about one hour away from finishing my latest module.

I am determined to finish and send it off today!!!
I have been talking to colleagues over the last week about just how long it is taking to do each module. For example, the current one specifies that it can be completed in 60 hours on campus.
I estimate that I have spent approximately 100 hours on it so far 😦

So where am I going wrong?
Is their estimation wrong?
Am I going in to much detail?
Are you not supposed to follow the workbooks and do everything?
Am I trying just too hard?

after all the highest mark I can get is PQ (pass qualified)