Princess Diana Inquest

Princess Diana was unlawfully killed due to the “gross negligence” of driver Henri Paul and the paparazzi, an inquest jury has found. The jury reached the same verdict for her companion Dodi Al Fayed.

Despite the verdicts, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed it is not possible for the Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute foreign nationals for deaths abroad, even if the victim is British.
All of the paparazzi involved were foreign. How very convenient…

Personally, for me, many questions remain unanswered by this inquest.
Will anyone truly know the whole truth about what actually happened?
I doubt it!

Diana – a Celebration

Diana: A Celebration traces the life story of Diana, from her birth to her untimely death, and features more than 150 of her personal items. Highlights include Diana’s royal wedding gown, jewellery and outfits by major international designers. Also on display are childhood letters, home movies and family memorabilia.

For the first time In Australia this exhibition is currently on at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney until May 2008. I’m looking into my options of what to do in my upcoming holidays and would love to Fly to Sydney and see this exhibition!

I’ve never been to Sydney before (besides the airport lounge, and we won’t talk about that trip 😆 adelaide to darwin via melbourne and sydney, I still shudder at the thought)

It’s never been a place that has terribly interested me but I guess I could fill 2 days seeing the sights, besides the exhibition of course!

Details of the exhibition and accommodation specials are here 


Photo: Patrick Demarchelier

Princess Diana Inquest Begins

Finally, 10 years after her tragic death the inquest has begun!
Lord Justice Scott Baker has issued a list of 20 likely issues to be considered during the hearing, which is likely to last six months.

From the site:

  • Whether driver error on the part of Henri Paul caused or contributed to the cause of the collision
  • Whether Henri Paul’s ability to drive was impaired through drink or drugs
  • Whether a Fiat Uno or any other vehicle caused or contributed to the collision
  • Whether the actions of the Paparazzi caused or contributed to the cause of the collision
  • Whether the road/tunnel layout and construction were inherently dangerous and if so whether this contributed to the collision
  • Whether any bright/flashing lights contributed to or caused the collision and, if so, their source
  • Whose decision it was that the Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed should leave from the rear entrance to the Ritz and that Henri Paul should drive the vehicle
  • Henri Paul’s movements between 7pm and 10pm on 30 August 1997
  • The explanation for the money in Henri Paul’s possession on 30 August 1997 and in his bank account
  • Whether Jean-Paul Andanson (photographer found dead in 2000) was in Paris on the night of the collision
  • Whether the Princess of Wales’ life would have been saved if she had reached hospital sooner or if her medical treatment had been different
  • Whether the Princess of Wales was pregnant
  • Whether the Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed were about to announce their engagement
  • Whether and, if so in what circumstances, the Princess of Wales feared for her life
  • The circumstances relating to the purchase of the ring
  • The circumstances in which the Princess of Wales’ body was embalmed
  • Whether the evidence of Richard Tomlinson (former M16 agent) throws any light on the collision
  • Whether the British or any other security services had any involvement in the collision
  • Whether there was anything sinister about (a) the Cherruault burglary or (b) the disturbance at the Big Pictures agency
  • Whether correspondence belonging to the Princess of Wales (including some from Prince Philip) has disappeared, and if so the circumstances

Concert for Diana Programmes now available Online

Because of the extra security arrangements on the night a number of the booths selling the programmes were unable to open. This led to a number of programmes not being sold.
You can go online at the official concert site and purchase a programme for 10 pounds, I know because I just did exactly that.
I live overseas and couldn’t attend the event but wanted to support the charities, but couldn’t afford to buy a ticket.

From the official site:


“Originally only available on the day of the concert at Wembley Stadium, a limited number of programmes are now available online here.
The official commemorative programme for Concert for Diana has 128 pages packed with fabulous photographs of the Princess, including previously unseen childhood photographs, as well as specially commissioned articles about her, including some by her friends and family.
Also included are wonderful photos of the artists who made Concert for Diana such an unforgettable occasion, and profiles of the Concert beneficiaries, to whom all net proceeds from the sale of programmes will go.”




Concert for Diana

Wow, from what I have seen of the concert it was a GREAT event, and a fitting tribute to Diana from her two boys.

I stayed up as late as I could to watch, but it didn’t start until 12.30 am, so I taped it and will watch it entirely when I have some free time.

Last night Channel Nine broadcast it on free to air, at the time I was thinking how on earth are they going to condense it to just 3 hours? So I watched it, oh dear, they edited the heck out of it!!!

I didn’t shed a tear until P. Diddy came on and sang “I’ll Be Missing You”  what a beautiful job he did!!!
The other highlight for me was a young singer called Lilly Allen, I hadn’t heard of her before and I loved her songs!!

I will probably post some more on this when I get a chance, right now I am concentrating on my studies. Modules have to be completed by the end of October, and I plan on completing at least another 4  by then.

Concert for Diana

Next Sunday Prince William and Harry will present a Concert For Diana at London’s Wembley Stadium. They have organised the concert in celebration for their Mother’s life and what would of been her 46th Birthday.
You can find all the information at the site
Proceeds from the concert will go to charities supported by the late Princess, and to charities of which the Princes are Patrons.

For all you interested Aussies, it will be screened on Fox 8 late Sunday night, early Monday morning.

I went to the UK in 1998, the first anniversary, and it was always my plan to travel back for the 10th anniversary of Diana’s death, but due to circumstances I don’t think I will be able to make it this year!