Tasmania Trip 2016


Hobart  5 – 8 
Fountainside http://www.fountainside.com.au/

King Room advanced purchased rate $159 a night – no cancellations


or 3 night stay King Room $173


Shuttle Bus to Mt Wellington:

Port Arthur  8 – 10
Port Arthur Holiday Park http://www.portarthurhp.com.au/
Remarkable Cave and Tasman National Park then en-route to Coles Bay visit the stunning Tasman peninsula, in particular the Tessellated Pavement, Devil’s Kitchen, Tasman Arch and Blow Hall all at Eagle Hawk Neck. Take the scenic drive South past the convict built Spikey Bridge and stop at Swansea for a luscious home-made ice cream from Kate’s Berry Farm.

Coles Bay  10 – 12
BIG4 Iluka on Freycinet
Tombolo Freycinet  woodfired pizza at night
Wineglass Bay Food http://www.wineglassbay.com/food_shops/
Wineglass Bay Lookout is top of your list of things to visit today. Use the morning to explore the sheltered bays and beaches of the Freycinet National Park, and then spend the afternoon on a wildlife cruise or a guided tour of the Freycinet Marine Farm. A penguin tour at Bicheno, viewing the little penguins in their natural environment is the perfect end to the day.

ST Helen’s  12 – 13
BIG4 St Helens Holiday Park $150 a night
Bay of Fires – Lonely Planet’s top destination in the world!

Launceston  13 – 15
Quality Hotel Colonial Launceston $150 a night
Luigis Top 10 for Launceston:


Stay here instead of cradle mountain?

Sheffield Motor Inn $120 a night

Sheffield - mural 12

Cradle Mountain  15 – 16
http://www.discoveryholidayparks.com.au/tas/cradle_mountain/cradle_mountain/specials      $165 a night
Tasmania’s World Heritage Listed Cradle Mountain is best explored on foot, and has short walks taking you to spectacular natural features including King Solomon Cave, Devils Gullet, Liffey Falls and Marakoopa Cave

Dove Lake Circut  2 Hours Walking http://www.parks.tas.gov.au/?base=1318

Cradle Shuttle Bus  is FREE  http://www.parks.tas.gov.au/file.aspx?id=19115

McDermotts Coaches operates a shuttle bus service on behalf of the Parks and Wildlife Service. The shuttle bus service operates between the Visitors Centre and Transit Terminal, located at the former airstrip to Dove Lake. The service is aimed at protecting the important values of the World Heritage Area while also preserving the visitor experience.

The service has been highly successful in reducing visitor traffic on the road to Dove Lake by one-third. It has attracted a highly favourable response from Tasmanian, interstate and overseas visitors since its introduction.

The shuttle service operates seven days a week. In addition to your Park Pass fee, a charge for the use of the shuttle bus service may apply.

Due to the high visitation at Cradle Mountain throughout the year, visitors are encouraged to leave cars at the Visitors Centre and Transit Terminal (located 2km before the park boundary) and take the shuttle bus service to the Interpretation Centre and Ranger Station, Snake Hill, Ronny Creek, Waldheim, and Lake Dove.



Park Fees  http://www.parks.tas.gov.au/?base=914  8 weeks pass $60 per car

Strahan  16 – 18

Cruise the Macquarie Harbour and the mighty Gordon River, relax at the waterside cafes or travel the West Coast Wilderness Railway.


Queenstown to Hobart

The drive back to Hobart (like most drives in Tasmania) is beautiful. Stop en-route at Lake St Clair, Australia’s deepest freshwater lake, and do one or more of the short walks around the lake or take a cruise and sit back and relax. Further along the road is the Mt Field National Park which has a diverse range of natural features and vegetation from tall swamp gums and huge tree ferns at the base of the mountain to areas of rainforest and even alpine vegetation at the mountain’s peak.


A spare day to either spend at one of the locations along the way that you fell in love with, or another day to explore Hobart.

tourist information centres

Holidays again

Well, off to Sydney tomorrow. I will try to keep in touch, see how the times go. I have put my Flickr link back on to my homepage and will try to upload some pics while away, not promising though, will depend on internet access.

I have a very long list of places to go, and things to see, way too long for 5 days 😆

Sydney Holiday Links

Ive created a page to collect links and ideas for my forthcoming holiday in Sydney in 15 days time. Will try to update it daily! Here is a snippet so far:

For up to date information about events, entertainment, places to eat and shop visit the following.
Darling Harbour
The Rocks
City of Sydney www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au 

There are a number of different cruise companies.


For all public transport information visit the transport information website http://www.131500.com.au/
When in Sydney you can also obtain fare and timetable information from most train stations.

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Sydney Trip

The trip is ON !
I have my leave approved and managed to get a great holiday deal with Virgin Blue Holidays, airfare and hotel accommodation in one!

Citigate Sebel Sydney is the hotel, looks close to public transport and in a good area. I’ve read a tonne of reviews, some not so good, but overall it has a good 4 star rating, so we will see how it pans out.


Iv’e created a Yahoo Trip Plan here and am totally open to ALL suggestions of places to visit!!!


public-domain.png  Image taken by Jan Derk in 2002 in Sydney, Australia

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My gorgeous son took some snaps on his phone, here’s one that came out quite well. Seagulls flying outside the cabins at Port Vincent.


And also this weird jelly blob thing he found on the beach



Port Vincent

It was a great break with one or two exceptions. First the good points.
The General store in the main street has internet access $6 for the first 15 minutes, then $2 every 15 minutes thereafter.
Both the main beach and the back beach are still beautiful and a delight to walk on and swim.
The pelicans are still in abundance and very friendly if you feed them.
The Kiosk on the main beach – EXCELLENT food and service.

That’s about it for the good points, now for the not so good:

Went out to tea in the local pub and had the worst meal I have ever eaten in my life. Somewhat my fault as I didn’t read the small print that said the chicken schnitzels were thigh meat, but where on earth does ANYONE serve thigh meat as a schnitzel, anyway I could almost cope with that BUT for the accompanying vegetables. Oh dear where do I start, I had a potato the size of everest, tasty on the outside but stone cold raw in the middle, two slivers of frozen carrots, two table spoons of frozen peas, but the icing on the cake had to be the mold on the cauliflower. YUCK. For the first couple of seconds I thought it must of been pepper, but it wasn’t. I almost vomited on the spot. Needless to say I couldn’t eat any more. The only good thing about the experience was I won $20 on the pokies.

Night two, obviously not going back to pub so thought I would check out the once famous takeaway. Oh dear, it has obviously had a change of ownership. Had a steak sandwich which was stone cold but eatable. They used to have a fabulous dvd collection, but no more. I can remember dozens of times going to PV and this shop being packed to the rafters ALWAYS at whatever time you went in. Sadly no more.

Night three, darn I should of put this in the good points!!! Had fish at the kiosk on the main beach. Absolutely beautiful!!!! The staff were more than friendly and couldn’t do enough. Here’s a tip for you if you are looking for a good place to eat – look for where the crowds are!!!!

Now for the caravan park, I’ve saved the best for last NOT
The park is lovely and being on the foreshore has exceptional views. It all started off fine, but I kept on thinking why is this place so empty. I know school holidays aren’t on, but I have been trying to get into this place for years and at not school hol. time before as well and it is always fully booked, I should of known….
Here’s a tip for the proprietors –
I understand completely that you have to make improvements and repairs to the place, but please in future give your PAYING CUSTOMERS the courtesy of informing them when you undertake major earthworks!!!!
If you had of told me that I would have to put up with trucks going past the cabin ALL DAY I would of said thank you but no thanks, I will stay somewhere else.
Up and down up and down, trucks, graders, and assorted equipment for the entire day! UNBELIEVABLE! And the smell from the bitumen was enough to drive me inside and shut the door and all windows.
Then to cap it off I couldn’t even get out of the place at check out time, finally worked it out but had to park way up the road and then walk back to return the keys.

You are lucky I didn’t throw them at you, I was so CROSS!!
No wonder you didn’t ask the usual questions like did you enjoy your stay…..
You didn’t even apologize for the noise, smell and downright inconvenience.

I won’t be staying there again, in fact once I have calmed down I intend to ask for a partial refund!

Overall, I still did enjoy my break, it was good to get away. Watched some good movies, walked on and enjoyed the beaches enormously.
Just a shame about some of the facilities!

The cats were pleased to have me back, howled like babies when I arrived home and haven’t left my side since. I’m looking forward to watching some quality programs on TV (free to air still sucks) and having an early night.
Resolved to buy a cd with the sounds of the ocean on it, much cheaper.

ps. had cheese sandwich for tea on day four 😆

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Holiday DVDs

They say you can tell a lot about a person by what they read and also by what they watch. I went into the local blockbuster today to pick out some DVDs to take to the beach. It wasn’t a conscious effort but I had to smile when I looked thru the six I had eventually picked. Just so typical of what I enjoy, and anyone who knows me would know instantly that I had picked them…
Tristan and Isolde
Medieval Love story set in Britain and Ireland. I haven’t seen it before, but one of the actors is Rufus Sewell who literally makes me weak at the knees. He starred in Charles II – The Power and the Passion, which is one of my all time favourites!!
Keeping Mum
English Comedy. I’ve seen it before once and loved it. So time for a rerun.
Kinky Boots
English Comedy. Haven’t seen it before but have wanted to see it for ages.
English Drama. Not sure about this one but I am curious to see it, as it has the great Judi Dench in it, so we will shall see. I recently saw her in Lavender Ladies and hated it, so much so that I turned it off!! Hope this one fares better.
Once upon a time in the Midlands
English Comedy. I read about this film ages ago, sounds quite funny, and of course has Robert Carlyle in it, one of my favorite English Actors. Also stars Rhys Ifans from Notting Hill, which he was absolutely hilarious in.
Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Mans Chest
Not English I know, but a good comedy. I’ve seen it before and liked it a lot, and no not because of Orlando Bloom, I must be the only female I know who doesn’t think he is gods gift to women. Johnny Depp and Bill Nighy are the stars of this one IMHO

I’d love to list the books I am taking but I haven’t found a single interesting one to take! I may throw in a couple of my favorites just in case I feel like reading. I’ve talked before about the lamentable lack of reading matter at work. Blow it all, I should have been more organised and Interlibrary Loaned a dozen or so to see me over my break!!!!!

Anyway, tomorrow I pack, then off to the beach!!!!

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