Google Reader

I’ve been using Google Reader for awhile now. It’s really been bugging me that once I have read an item it then disappears from my list. I’ve used several work arounds to save the posts that I either want to keep as reference or to read later.

I’ve just discovered that you can “star” items to go back and look at later! Awesome! You just click on the star next to the item and it will change from light blue to yellow and will be stored in your “starred items” for later retrieval.

Note to self: I really must go and explore Google Reader in detail, there may be other utilities I am unaware of…

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Google Homepage

I have been using Google search page as my homepage in my browser for several years. Today I was looking at Google more in depth and discovered that I could have my own personal homepage, and better yet, Google have just released several themes for you to choose from. Here’s my new homepage:


The theme I have chosen is the Teahouse. It’s night time at the moment, but during the day the theme changes to several different images depending on what time it is. How sweet is this!! Apparently the weather conditions also change, but I haven’t seen this yet.

This is one of the daytime images:


The homepage can be totally personalised to suit what you would like to have on it. Currently I have the date, the calendar, my new Google Search Engine, my Google Reader, the weather (it’s currently 12 degrees), and my Gmail.

There are lots of interesting things you can put on your page. For example – news, finance, sports, google map search, and dozens of others.

To get your own Google Homepage, all you need is a free Google account which you can get here

Find a book in Australia

I have created my own Google Search Engine to help me to locate books for purchase in Australia.

It is available here

Google Custom Search

Unfortunately I can’t put the nice search box in my sidebar due to restrictions on but I can put it in as a link. See under Library 2.0 Tools.

It was very easy to do. If you are interested in creating your own here’s the link to Google Co-op