Richard and Elizabeth Wakehurst – Brass Rubbing

While I was away in Melbourne I was watching an ebay auction for a brass rubbing of Richard & Elizabeth Wakehurst. It was located in Tasmania and was “pick up” only. Me being me, šŸ˜† emailed the seller to see if he would consider removing it from it’s frame and posting it to me if I won, a shame as it was framed and is 5 feet high by 2 feet wide, but the only way for me to get it… murphys law I won it!


Fingers crossed he removes it carefully, and it won’t cost too much to have it reframed, but I suspect It will be costly. Can’t wait to see it!

The original Brass is located in St Peters Church in Ardingly, Sussex.

Richard Wakehurst Esquire was born 1385 in Wakehurst, Sussex, England. He died 8Ā  Jan 1457 in Wakehurst. Richard married Elizabeth de Echyngham in 1409. Elizabeth was born 1390 in Etchingham, Sussex, England. She died 3Ā  Jul 1464 in Wakehurst.

Why I love the internet

Half an hour later, and I have tracked down the details of my Brass Rubbing.

I did a image search on Google and found an image of the rubbing on MBS Brasses in the UK . Which gave me the details of the brass:
Lawrence Seymour, 1337, Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire

Further searches on Google turned up that Lawrence Seymour, was the rector from 1289 to 1337 at St Mary’s Church, Higham Ferrers.

Here is an image of the actual Brass:


So, not from Westminster Abbey as first thought.
Now I can start saving for the picture frame for when it arrives, I forgot to mention earlier that it is over 5 feet tall šŸ˜Æ

Latest Ebay find

I’ve been an avid Ebayer for a few years now. I collect Royal Memorabilia amongst other things, and it’s been a real bonus to be able to bid and buy items from around the world! I have found some real treasures!

My latest find is a brass rubbing made in the 1970’s from a Monumental Brass thought to be in Westminster Abbey. I’m going to do a bit of research and see if I can track down exactly who it is.

Close up of head: