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I’ve been having trouble with google blog search, and are still investigating the source of the problem.

Here is a list of other search engines to use:

I haven’t been here on this blog for a little while, exciting things happening at work! I have been setting up a group blog for internal communication, which has taken up a lot of my spare time, also studying is about to start for the year as well!

It’s all go go go, hard to do that though, when the average temperature over the last few days has been about 42 degrees, celcius that is…….
It’s been so hot that it buckled the train tracks! And no relief in sight….


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Library Blogs on

As part of my ongoing research into setting up a Blog where I work I need to find some examples of Libraries using they are not in any particular order, just as I find them:

Washington State Library 
Yale Arts Library Blog 
McMaster University Library 
Buffalo State University Library 
Christchurch City Libraries 
Rebecca Crown Library 
State Law Library of Montana 
Half Hollow Hills Community Library 
Newark Library 
Liberace Library

mmm there are many to choose from, I think I will explore further and post the best IMHO of course 😆
I can see already though, that some are quite advanced and some are very basic indeed!

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Australian Library Blogs

Happy Blog Day

Happy Blog Day to me! One year today!

10,668 Visitors to my blog, which is pretty amazing really. Thank you to everyone who has visited and especially if you have left a comment or two!!!

I have been a bit light on posts recently due to study recommencing and a very sick computer, which actually died today. Perfect timing as I bought another computer from work on Friday and yesterday treated myself to a new flatscreen monitor, which I managed to disable last night while installing xp… all I can say is that I am one very lucky mother who has a very talented and patient son who managed to retrieve most of my data from the old computer and resurrect the monitor on the new one…

His one question was… and you did that WHY ?????

I can remember a IT guru at work one day saying to me: people like you are dangerous because you have enough knowledge to stuff things up but not enough to fix it 😆

I guess my problem is that I have never been afraid to explore and try things out, which has gotten me into some bizarre problems. None as bad as today though, so thanks Mick for being so awesome!!! When I finish my Library Tech course I will be doing a Diploma in IT, something to look forward too!!!

Edublog Awards

The 2007 nominations are open for voting on your favorite Blogs.
Here is the link to the voting form for the best Library / Librarian Blog 2007
Up for nomination in this category are:

Librarians Matter
Hey Jude
A Library By Any Other Name
Techno Tuesday

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Top 25 Librarian Bloggers

Via Google Blog search, I’ve found a list compiled by OEDb (Online Education Database) which lists the top 25 Librarian Bloggers. You can see the list here

There are quite a few that I don’t recognise, so when studying is finished I will check them out.

I have been updating my Library Blogs page, and other than that it’s all study study study….

Blogger’s Choice Awards

Voting is now open for this year at Blogger’s Choice Awards you can vote now for your favourite Blogs, or even discover some new ones out there!
Just doing a quick search for anything Library related, I see the following have been nominated: