Ped Egg – it actually works!

I was lucky enough to receive a Ped Egg for Xmas.
You know those things you see advertised on TV, you watch the infomercial and think to yourself “yeah right”

well… it actually works!!!!!

I have spent a virtual fortune on heel balms and the like over the years, nothing works, even with following the instructions to the letter! A couple of years ago my heels were so bad I just couldn’t stand it a single day longer and went to a podiatrist, what bliss, I walked out feeling fantastic, but of course with a short time back came the dry cracked skin. And at $70 a pop I just couldn’t afford to have regular treatments.

So it was with little hope that I opened my Ped Egg, I couldn’t believe my eyes, the dry skin just melted off!!  I even put my glasses on because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. So if you suffer from the same problem, do yourself a favour and get one of these little beauties! 



4 Responses to “Ped Egg – it actually works!”

  1. How to use ped egg video | ped egg Says:

    […] Ped Egg – it actually works! « Off the trolley […]

  2. Lynda Says:

    You know I saw this advertised on TV and thought of you straight away, especially from our trip to Castlemaine where you stocked up on the long handled version.
    They look good, will get one and try it cos my heals get very sore from the build up of skin and split or seperate between the two layers of skin which is very painful.
    Just about to start the walking again to get rid of the Christmas pudding that lingers on the waistline.

  3. Admin Says:

    testing gravatar

  4. Doris Says:

    I’ve just started using mine and it is brilliant. Already I’ve filled a shoebox with dead skin and lost half an inch in height! What’s more, last week my versatile Ped-Egg doubled as a cheese grater when I prepared a meal for a girlie night in.

    I would recommend a Ped-Egg to anyone.

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