Melbourne – wrap up

Got back home last night from my Melbourne trip… what can I say… it started with the free tourist shuttle bus timetable and bus stops being changed on the day we ARRIVED, shame they had no maps to give out, terrible organisation on their part!
The drivers seemed as confused as the tourists 😆

I guess it all depends on what you want to see and experience when visiting. I wanted to see historical sites and relics and was disappointed, there just isn’t much to see. I feel sorry for tourists coming from overseas to “see Australia” as it doesn’t exist in Melbourne.

It’s dirty, ugly, overcrowded, and swings from the extreme yuppyland to just plain ugly.

Try buying something to eat for example. We couldn’t find a single deli in the CBD or even anything that sells the good ol favourite Aussie grub – Pies, Pasties, Sandwiches, etc. etc.

That being said, there were some places worth a visit and mention.
Highlight of the trip was Cook’s Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens:


Cooks Cottage

Cooks Cottage

Seconded by the Melbourne Museum where we were able to get up and close to Phar Lap and were allowed to take pics:

Phar Lap

Phar Lap

Thirdly, the Old Melbourne Gaol, where we did a night time “so called” ghost tour, ain’t no ghosts there I can tell ya, but was interesting. Only downside was it never occured to me that we would have to climb up two flights of stairs IN THE DARK and walk along a narrow passage…… EEEK, everyone who knows me, knows how frightened I am of heights, absolutely terrifying experience! Then after coming down, a few minutes later he wanted to take us back up there again, no way was I going back up so I sat on the bottom step IN THE DARK BY MYSELF, was doing okay until I saw one of the cell doors open and a white figure emerge and walk towards me…. JMJosephine I don’t know who was more freaked out, me or the staff member who wasn’t expecting any tourists to be sitting down in the dark 😆
Only downside of the tour was the price, $68 for two tickets, $30 a person plus postage, not sure it was worth the price…

Ground Floor of the Gaol

Ground Floor of the Gaol

The accommodation I sourced and booked was FANTASTIC, Travelodge Southbank, great location, easy to get everywhere, I couldn’t fault it in anyway and got a great deal on the internet for $150 a night which included a FULL breakfast for two! Thank You

Final thoughts:

Old Melbourne Gaol – worth a visit
Fitzroy Gardens – Cooks Cottage fantastic, but don’t bother with model tudor village or fairy tree…
QV Market – didn’t bother
St Patricks Cathedral – worth a visit, beautiful, expecially the mosaic floor
Federation Square – this must be the UGLIEST set of buildings in the world
National Gallery – was closed
City Museum at Old Treasury – DO NOT waste your money, a TOTAL ripoff

Best place to eat in Melbourne – Lygon Street

I will put some more pics up in Flickr.
Here’s a video of the Myer xmas display in Bourke Street Mall (I think)


One Response to “Melbourne – wrap up”

  1. Karen Says:

    You left for Melbourne just as Peter got back!
    Had a giggle at your thoughts of Federation Square – Peter called me from the fed in awe. Said it was ‘interesting’ and incredibly brave (not pretty, mind you). Heard this morning that Sydney is planning a rubik’s cube building for Circular Quay (Museum of Contemporary Art).

    Love your photos and the Xmas display. Catch up soon.


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