The Dark Knight

Ive just come home from seeing the latest Batman movie. It is actually the only one I have seen, Now I’m going to have to go and watch the others 🙂

My one and only reason was to see Heath Ledger, I’ve been a fan of his since 10 thing I hate about you and a Knight’s Tale, 2 of my favourite movies.

I LOVED the Dark Knight, it was action packed, a bit too graphic in places for my usual tastes, but Heath was mesmerising as the Joker! What an absolutely outstanding performance!! I am not going to give any of the plot away as I believe it is still to be released in certain places. But if you are a Batman or even a Heath fan like me you will not be disappointed!!!!!!

It’s the sort of movie that you would swear you are alone watching as the audience is just watching speechless!!!!!

I hope that Heath does get a Oscar nomination, in my opinion it’s his best work yet.


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