Latest Ebay Find

I have been after a Bed Warming Pan for YEARS!! Mine is similar to his one, and was on Ebay and I was lucky to win! It’s coming from Cornwall and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I’ve already picked out a place to hang it, should look good with my brass rubbings!

(Taken from the Book of copper & Brass” by Geoffrey Willis England 1968).
Our ancestors took great care that they should be warm in bed. In addition to hanging heavy curtains all round the bedstead until it resembled a room inside a room, they did what they could to take the chill off the bedding. For this purpose, they used a covered metal pan containing glowing charcoal, and which had a long handle to push it well down between the sheets and blankets. The hinged covers of the pans are pierced to allow air to reach the charcoal, and the necessary holes were usually formed into a decorative pattern.

The earlier 17th century examples had handles of iron. While the latter had brass embellishments, it has been suggested they were of continental origin. 18th century warming pans were given handles of turned beech or other timber. They used both copper and brass indiscriminately for the pans and covers. While they are seldom, if ever, employed for their original function nowadays, a large number have been preserved and hang on walls for decoration.


3 Responses to “Latest Ebay Find”

  1. Doro Says:

    Hope you can use the warmth tonight!

  2. Kay Says:

    hehe knowing my luck I will set the house on fire hehe

  3. Amethyst Says:

    Well, I’ve learnt something tonight Kay!
    I’m glad it’s travelled all the way from Cornwell to get to you.
    Your site is looking much improved.

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