Sydney Day 5

Home at last, after a jam packed holiday…. Will write more after having a good sleep…

Itinerary for yesterday:

Took the train from the central station into Circular Quay and walked around to the rocks area. Spent some time in the visitor centre there and then went to the Museum next door. Fantastic displays and well worth a visit!!! I wish we had allocated a whole day to the area (or two) it needs it to see it all. Time was pressing on so we made our way back towards the Quay. There was a young english woman doing some “street theatre” have pics and GREAT videos of her show, which will upload when I get a chance to.

We then had to make some choices, what did we have time to see before having to leave… The only way to get out to Mrs McQuaries Chair is by the Sydney explorer pass, man I wish we had of gone with this option!!!! Decided in the end to head up to the Museum of Sydney, wrong decision… I’m not sure what we expected, maybe a museum filled with relics of Sydney, not so, it really was absolute rubbish, and I won’t go into the details of the shop and cafe. Take a tip, don’t bother visiting!

We then headed to Hyde Park to visit the War Memorial, it is absolutely gorgeous and the coolest place we visited on the entire trip, fantastic displays, and truly a credit to the memory of our brave men and women who served!

We then decided to head back to the hotel, both of us absolutely exhausted!
The railways were doing track work so instead of taking a train to the airport we went by bus, which really didn’t take much more time than the train so we were nice and early for our flight home. Another good flight, it was 32 degrees when we landed at Adelaide at 9pm.

It’s good to be home, a great trip and I can’t wait to go back, but there’s really no place like home is there. I will upload more pics and videos in the next few days.

Highlights of the trip
The Ferries
The Rocks area
Powerhouse Museum – Diana a celebration
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Queen Victoria Building
Sydney Opera House
Hyde Park Barracks
St Mary’s Cathedral
Circular Quay






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