Sydney Day 2

Slept in!!!! Was tired from yesterday i guess. Had a great brekky in the centennial plaza next door then headed off to the Powerhouse for the Diana exhibition.
It was every bit as good as i thought it would be, a fitting and beautiful tribute to a much loved and missed princess. i was doing okay until I came to the funeral room display, was still doing okay until the lady in front of me started to cry, which set everyone off!!
Nearly got kicked out when i took some pics outside in another area next to the cafe where they had a exhibit of commerative ware (my collection is WAY WAY larger) anyway I was happy taking pics until the security guard came and told me to stop as the flash damaged the china…….  😆 pull the other one it plays jingle bells lady.
Wasn’t terribly impressed as i HAD checked with the front desk staff when entering where I could or could not take pics…. Get your facts right powerhouse!!! Not happy jan!!!

Then caught the monorail into the city, wow of a trip, can recommend it. We went to Darling Harbour next, boy was it HOT. Personally I can’t see any attraction in the place as we aren’t going to the aquarium or maritime museum… maybe I missed something, but it is all shops and cafes….

Then caught a ferry back to Circular Quay – BY FAR THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE TRIP – i could quite happily do nothing else here except ride the ferries!! Plan on doing several more trips in the days to come!!

We then went for a quick exploration of the rocks – LOVED IT !!!! We are going back tomorrow night for tea somewhere and todo the ghost tour, really looking forward to that!!!!!

There’s so much more to say and do, I can’t type any faster, and time is limited. I have uploaded more photos, taken 185 in two days, and several video clips that I didn’t know I was taking. Guess i should of spent some more time learning the new camera 😆

Tomorrow we are going into the city and hyde park, got about 4 places to visit. For now going up to the pool to soak my foot….. long story  😆

More pics uploaded into flickr


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