Sydney Day 1

Flight was good, says a lot from me as i HATE to fly, but went quickly with no probs.
Had some trouble finding info on the travel pass but got it organised eventually!
The trip into sydney by train flew by, and was mostly underground, something I wasn’t expecting, I think it took about 10 minutes or so. The hotel is only a 5 minute walk from the Central station, and is VERY POSH to say the least.
After a quick recovery took bus into Circular Quay and had a good look around (see latest flick pics) picked up tickets from the opera house, so all ready to go for tomorrow!
Sussed out GREAT place for breakfast which is (I think) centennial plaza which is literally right next to the hotel, and only one third of the price of breakfast in the hotel, so guess we will be trying it out tomorrow, but there are literally heaps of places to eat!!

After picking up MOUNTAINS of tourist brochures headed for the QVB or Queen Victoria building, it is so stunning!! took a couple of snaps of the clock and then headed for the display of the english crown jewels, unfortunately looks like a lot of the pics have a really bad flash, but may be able to recify that later.

Then back to hotel – EXHAUSTED – it may not be as hot as old Adelaide, but it sure is HUMID. Going to investigate the hotel further in a minute, find the pool and sundeck, not that I’m going in mind, just to have a look. Then plan public transport for tomorrow.

Having problems with my new camera, I packed the booklet for my new phone instead of camera 😆

Ok, off to find somewhere to eat!!


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