Happy Blog Day

Happy Blog Day to me! One year today!

10,668 Visitors to my blog, which is pretty amazing really. Thank you to everyone who has visited and especially if you have left a comment or two!!!

I have been a bit light on posts recently due to study recommencing and a very sick computer, which actually died today. Perfect timing as I bought another computer from work on Friday and yesterday treated myself to a new flatscreen monitor, which I managed to disable last night while installing xp… all I can say is that I am one very lucky mother who has a very talented and patient son who managed to retrieve most of my data from the old computer and resurrect the monitor on the new one…

His one question was… and you did that WHY ?????

I can remember a IT guru at work one day saying to me: people like you are dangerous because you have enough knowledge to stuff things up but not enough to fix it 😆

I guess my problem is that I have never been afraid to explore and try things out, which has gotten me into some bizarre problems. None as bad as today though, so thanks Mick for being so awesome!!! When I finish my Library Tech course I will be doing a Diploma in IT, something to look forward too!!!


2 Responses to “Happy Blog Day”

  1. shussmallworld Says:

    I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve done something similar with computers — knowing exactly enough to be terribly dangerous. I finally had to take the pledge, admitting my logic is not the same as computer logic, and I never try to “fix” anything on my own again. Good luck with your new set up!

  2. ellaella Says:

    Happy Anniversary. I’m glad you got the problem sorted and thanks for the thank you.

    I just noticed you have a royal memorabilia category; I must check it out now. I have a good collection of Edward VIII items.

    Happy blogging!

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