Google Reader

I’ve been using Google Reader for awhile now. It’s really been bugging me that once I have read an item it then disappears from my list. I’ve used several work arounds to save the posts that I either want to keep as reference or to read later.

I’ve just discovered that you can “star” items to go back and look at later! Awesome! You just click on the star next to the item and it will change from light blue to yellow and will be stored in your “starred items” for later retrieval.

Note to self: I really must go and explore Google Reader in detail, there may be other utilities I am unaware of…


3 Responses to “Google Reader”

  1. Via Says:

    I’m just getting into it, and am trying to use keyboard shortcuts. I made a user-friendly list here:

  2. Kay Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and for the link to your shortcut sheet! I will definitely be trying it out!

  3. Amethyst Says:

    I agree Kay,
    I need to look more closely at Google reader too..

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