Port Vincent

It was a great break with one or two exceptions. First the good points.
The General store in the main street has internet access $6 for the first 15 minutes, then $2 every 15 minutes thereafter.
Both the main beach and the back beach are still beautiful and a delight to walk on and swim.
The pelicans are still in abundance and very friendly if you feed them.
The Kiosk on the main beach – EXCELLENT food and service.

That’s about it for the good points, now for the not so good:

Went out to tea in the local pub and had the worst meal I have ever eaten in my life. Somewhat my fault as I didn’t read the small print that said the chicken schnitzels were thigh meat, but where on earth does ANYONE serve thigh meat as a schnitzel, anyway I could almost cope with that BUT for the accompanying vegetables. Oh dear where do I start, I had a potato the size of everest, tasty on the outside but stone cold raw in the middle, two slivers of frozen carrots, two table spoons of frozen peas, but the icing on the cake had to be the mold on the cauliflower. YUCK. For the first couple of seconds I thought it must of been pepper, but it wasn’t. I almost vomited on the spot. Needless to say I couldn’t eat any more. The only good thing about the experience was I won $20 on the pokies.

Night two, obviously not going back to pub so thought I would check out the once famous takeaway. Oh dear, it has obviously had a change of ownership. Had a steak sandwich which was stone cold but eatable. They used to have a fabulous dvd collection, but no more. I can remember dozens of times going to PV and this shop being packed to the rafters ALWAYS at whatever time you went in. Sadly no more.

Night three, darn I should of put this in the good points!!! Had fish at the kiosk on the main beach. Absolutely beautiful!!!! The staff were more than friendly and couldn’t do enough. Here’s a tip for you if you are looking for a good place to eat – look for where the crowds are!!!!

Now for the caravan park, I’ve saved the best for last NOT
The park is lovely and being on the foreshore has exceptional views. It all started off fine, but I kept on thinking why is this place so empty. I know school holidays aren’t on, but I have been trying to get into this place for years and at not school hol. time before as well and it is always fully booked, I should of known….
Here’s a tip for the proprietors –
I understand completely that you have to make improvements and repairs to the place, but please in future give your PAYING CUSTOMERS the courtesy of informing them when you undertake major earthworks!!!!
If you had of told me that I would have to put up with trucks going past the cabin ALL DAY I would of said thank you but no thanks, I will stay somewhere else.
Up and down up and down, trucks, graders, and assorted equipment for the entire day! UNBELIEVABLE! And the smell from the bitumen was enough to drive me inside and shut the door and all windows.
Then to cap it off I couldn’t even get out of the place at check out time, finally worked it out but had to park way up the road and then walk back to return the keys.

You are lucky I didn’t throw them at you, I was so CROSS!!
No wonder you didn’t ask the usual questions like did you enjoy your stay…..
You didn’t even apologize for the noise, smell and downright inconvenience.

I won’t be staying there again, in fact once I have calmed down I intend to ask for a partial refund!

Overall, I still did enjoy my break, it was good to get away. Watched some good movies, walked on and enjoyed the beaches enormously.
Just a shame about some of the facilities!

The cats were pleased to have me back, howled like babies when I arrived home and haven’t left my side since. I’m looking forward to watching some quality programs on TV (free to air still sucks) and having an early night.
Resolved to buy a cd with the sounds of the ocean on it, much cheaper.

ps. had cheese sandwich for tea on day four 😆


One Response to “Port Vincent”

  1. amethystabode Says:

    That’s unbelieveable Kay! I can totally sympathise. Had an interesting experience in one place when I went to ACT/VIC.
    I’ve never been to PV though..

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