Holiday DVDs

They say you can tell a lot about a person by what they read and also by what they watch. I went into the local blockbuster today to pick out some DVDs to take to the beach. It wasn’t a conscious effort but I had to smile when I looked thru the six I had eventually picked. Just so typical of what I enjoy, and anyone who knows me would know instantly that I had picked them…
Tristan and Isolde
Medieval Love story set in Britain and Ireland. I haven’t seen it before, but one of the actors is Rufus Sewell who literally makes me weak at the knees. He starred in Charles II – The Power and the Passion, which is one of my all time favourites!!
Keeping Mum
English Comedy. I’ve seen it before once and loved it. So time for a rerun.
Kinky Boots
English Comedy. Haven’t seen it before but have wanted to see it for ages.
English Drama. Not sure about this one but I am curious to see it, as it has the great Judi Dench in it, so we will shall see. I recently saw her in Lavender Ladies and hated it, so much so that I turned it off!! Hope this one fares better.
Once upon a time in the Midlands
English Comedy. I read about this film ages ago, sounds quite funny, and of course has Robert Carlyle in it, one of my favorite English Actors. Also stars Rhys Ifans from Notting Hill, which he was absolutely hilarious in.
Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Mans Chest
Not English I know, but a good comedy. I’ve seen it before and liked it a lot, and no not because of Orlando Bloom, I must be the only female I know who doesn’t think he is gods gift to women. Johnny Depp and Bill Nighy are the stars of this one IMHO

I’d love to list the books I am taking but I haven’t found a single interesting one to take! I may throw in a couple of my favorites just in case I feel like reading. I’ve talked before about the lamentable lack of reading matter at work. Blow it all, I should have been more organised and Interlibrary Loaned a dozen or so to see me over my break!!!!!

Anyway, tomorrow I pack, then off to the beach!!!!


One Response to “Holiday DVDs”

  1. amethystabode Says:

    I so can’t believe you did not borrow the dvd’s and that you went to blockbuster! Hmm… I must check my own dvd and bookshelf and see what I can reccommend for you. Or you could visit another library in the region?

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