Diana – a Celebration

Diana: A Celebration traces the life story of Diana, from her birth to her untimely death, and features more than 150 of her personal items. Highlights include Diana’s royal wedding gown, jewellery and outfits by major international designers. Also on display are childhood letters, home movies and family memorabilia.

For the first time In Australia this exhibition is currently on at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney until May 2008. I’m looking into my options of what to do in my upcoming holidays and would love to Fly to Sydney and see this exhibition!

I’ve never been to Sydney before (besides the airport lounge, and we won’t talk about that trip 😆 adelaide to darwin via melbourne and sydney, I still shudder at the thought)

It’s never been a place that has terribly interested me but I guess I could fill 2 days seeing the sights, besides the exhibition of course!

Details of the exhibition and accommodation specials are here 


Photo: Patrick Demarchelier


One Response to “Diana – a Celebration”

  1. amethystabode Says:

    Hmm.. I think you’ll like my comment, here it is –
    Sydney is FANTASTIC!! I love the QVB building 🙂 Lots of walking though, but a great place to visit.

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