Study Complete for 2007

Whew, it’s been a very long year. I’m glad to have a break from it all !!!!
Some of the modules have been interesting, some mind bendingly boring……

I’ve now got until late January off, time to have a LIFE and catch up on all the things I never have time for whilst studying.

I’ve received my results for exams on the computing module, 100%, 100% and a disappointing 90%. Apparently I missed two of the questions entirely. Not surprising as first they lost my test requests and then sent a faulty disk, by then I was pretty fed up with them and the whole thing, no excuse really. But as they either grade you as a pass or fail there really isn’t any incentive whatsoever to put in the maximum effort, which really goes against my work/study ethic, for me it’s 100% all the way.

I’m going to look into other study options for next year, trouble is that different people tell me their experiences at different places, and they ALL sound the same, too few tutors, too many students.  sigh.


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