Aqua Spikes

Last year I spent a LOT of money cleaning up and redoing my front yard. I cleared out all the weeds, laid weed matting, shovelled a million (seemed like it) buckets of pine chips and planted 16 assorted shrubs and ground covers.
One thing I didn’t take into account was the never ending hot weather over summer, and combined with our water restrictions, every single one of the new plants died. Some only lasted about a month, some took a few months, but all are bare sticks now.

When I was in my local hardware shop a couple of weeks ago I saw these inexpensive watering spikes, I think they were about $1.50 each. What a great idea! It may even tempt me to try again with some new plants, but for now I have installed them into my hibiscus shrubs and the two ground covers that are still limping along…


“Aqua Spikes let you recycle your plastic drink bottles into a super-efficient and economical irrigation system. They deliver water right to the root zone at approximately 1 litre per hour, so plants absorb more water and you don’t lose a drop to evaporation. The absorption rate can be slowed, by adding a small amount of sand to create a filter for water to pass through. Add a little liquid fertiliser and you can even fertilise at the same time. Ideal for tomatoes, shrubs and patio planters. Made In Australia”


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