I may of jumped the gun a bit on my previous post.
Iv’e been talking to one of my colleagues about study and comparing notes. He is doing the same Diploma course as me, but not by distance education. Apparently when they say 60 hours via the classroom it means 60 hours, and at least that much again at home studying.

So here am I thinking I must be the dumbest nut on the tree as the module I have just finished took approx 100 hours compared to the 60 hours listed.

The bottom line is I have passed it, and my Tutor sent me some wonderful words that really made my day!

I am very impressed with your work and I think your assignments are the best I have received. Every aspect was done thoroughly to honours standard.

To get such great feedback makes up for the fact that in the end all I will have is a certificate that says I have passed…


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