Elizabeth Chadwick

I’m reading The Love Knot by Elizabeth Chadwick at the moment.
It’s a wonderful leap into 12th Century England!


From Amazon.co.uk

The year is 1140 and England is torn by the strife of civil war. Oliver Pascal chances upon a village raided by mercenaries and rescues the survivors: an orphaned boy, who is the illegitimate son of the old king, and his mother’s maid, a young widow named Catrin. After escorting them to Bristol Castle, they are accepted into the household of Robert of Gloucester and while Catrin finds herself falling in love with Oliver she suffers a deep boredom at the frivolity of court life. Thus when the old midwife Etheldreda offers to teach her the secrets of her ancient art, Catrin agrees. But the midwife’s life is fraught with dangers, not least Oliver’s own personal fears which threaten their relationship, but also in the shape of two men, both killers and both of whom threaten the couple’s lives. However, Catrin is determined to pursue her career and keep Oliver and while England fights a civil war, she battles for her love and for her vocation.

Here’s a list of her works:

The wild hunt *
The running vixen
The leopard unleashed
Children of Destiny
Shields of Pride *
The Conquest
The champion *
Daughters of the Grail
The falcons of Montabard
The greatest knight
Lords of the White Castle
The love knot
The marsh king’s daughter
The scarlet lion
Shadows and strongholds
The winter mantle

(* is a reminder for me that my library has these titles)


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