Improving your workspace

Given the amount of time we spend at our workspace it makes sense to make it as comfortable and inviting as we can.
I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and have noticed while at work I tend to keep my head down and avoid what I don’t like looking at, mainly clutter and mess everywhere.
I find it quite stressful to work surrounded by unorganised chaos, and even though it may not bother some people, it sure does get to me!

This year I am determined to improve things! Although there are somethings beyond my control, a few are obtainable right now.

So here’s my to do list:

Clear out all the clutter – yes even from the hidden spots, like back of the drawers and under the desk.

Personalize my space with things I like looking at.

Buy at least one plant, and make a promise to myself that I will water it regularly.

Buy or bring in a scented candle – obviously will not light it at work 🙂

scented-candles.jpg + potplant.jpg + tidydesk.jpg

= cat-smile.gif


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