Books to read

I’ve created a list of books that I want to read next, unfortunately it looks like my library doesn’t hold a single one so I will have to Interlibrary Loan them all. I will post reviews after consuming.

The dress lodger by Sheri Holman
Nonesuch by Gabriel King
Mariana by Susanna Kearsley
The Doomsday book by Connie Willis
The greatest knight by Elizabeth Chadwick

The quiet earth by Elizabeth Harris
Across Time And Death: A Mother’s Search For Her Past Life Children by Jenny Cockell
Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn by Nell Gavin
Unhallowed ground by Gillian White
Bad manors Lisa Armstrong
The Nonsuch Lure by Mary Luke
The wise woman by Philippa Gregory
The love knot by Elizabeth Chadwick

If you have read any of these I would love to hear your thoughts!

I am particularly looking forward to reading Threads!
Here is the link to Nell’s site

from the site:

“In 1536 a woman dies… and the story begins.

When Henry and Anne meet in 1970, they presume they’re meeting for the first time.
They don’t know they were married 434 years before. They don’t know they parted on bad terms. Anne has no idea why she has a compulsion to punish Henry, a man she’s only just met, and he has no idea why he can’t be near her without falling in love.
They don’t know they are bona fide soul mates, bound to each other through eternity. They don’t know that this meeting is a test…
Several lifetimes ago, and hundreds of years earlier in 1536, Henry and Anne were at the mercy of influences outside their control, explosively incompatible, and caught in a marriage that ended in betrayal so shocking that Anne required lifetimes to recover.
Henry, seemingly in defense of Anne (but more likely acting out of “stubborn perverseness”, she observes), terrorized England and decreed widespread political murder in order to protect her. Ultimately, to Anne’s horror, this once passionate husband turned on her and had her executed as well.
Threads, a reincarnation fantasy, opens with Anne’s execution. Her fury at her husband’s betrayal has enough momentum to survive centuries, but in Threads she learns that she has been assigned a hard task: she must review their history together through a number of past lives, and find it within herself to forgive him. This may prove difficult and take some time. The husband in question is Henry Tudor, the notorious Henry VIII. The narrator is the stubborn, volatile Anne Boleyn, who is not at all inclined to forgive.
It is a very unusual love story.”


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