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I am forever on the lookout for new authors. Via Librarything I think I may have found a new author to read. What captured my interest was the reference “if you like Barbara Erskine” and of course she is one of my favourites!

I have placed a Interlibrary loan request for Elenor Gill’s first novel in the shadow of trees, and now I see that Angus & Robertson has listed her 2nd novel Miriam’s Talisman as their book of the month.


from their site:

“This is the second book by new author Elenor Gill, and follows her first book In the Shadow of Trees, published in May 2006. Set in the UK, the story takes place in the months following the sudden death of Miriam, mother of Hannah and grandmother of the protagonist, Clionha, who are both deeply affected by her death, but in very different ways. When Miriam leaves everything she owns to Clionha, including a distinctive silver amulet, Clionha begins to move in a shadow world which leaves her friends and family concerned for her mental health. Sought out after her grandmother’s death by a tall and intriguing stranger, Iolair, who is very interested in her amulet, she encounters him again as she begins to unravel Miriam’s extraordinary legacy. Inevitably she finds herself a pawn in an ancient love story that has wreaked havoc in the lives of the women in her family. Aimed at the Barbara Erskine market, this book is targeted at female readers of romantic fiction and is a superb read, even stronger than In the Shadow of Trees. “

I will put up a review of Shadow of Trees as soon as I can, which will probably be about 2 days after it arrives 🙂 I can’t wait to read it! From the cover:


“Wood never dies. Not really … Sometimes, when I touch it, I know that I can bring it back … there are some things about wood that never die, and I think perhaps it would be better if they did.
Regan is an acclaimed sculptor, renowned for her sensuous work in wood. When her relationship with the much younger Jason Sullivan ends abruptly, Regan retreats to an isolated cottage to prepare for a new exhibition.
Almost at once she begins to fall under the spell of the trees — recurring dreams and inexplicable lapses in time inspire her, yet leave her exhausted and strangely disturbed. As she immerses herself in her work, a surprising new relationship begins to develop with Liam, the estate handyman sent to repair the cottage.
But as he watches the shadows deepen around Regan, Liam becomes increasingly concerned. When they discover the bizarre fate of generations of Sullivan women, his concern turns to fear. But Liam has secrets of his own, secrets that threaten his new bond with Regan, a bond that may be her only chance to escape the gathering shadows. “


3 Responses to “New Author”

  1. Elenor Gill Says:

    Thanbk you so much for reading my books and for taking the trouble to comment on my work.
    I do hope you enjoyed “In The Shadow Of Trees”.
    My third book, “The Moon Spun Round” will be out next April.


  2. Elenor Gill « Off the trolley Says:

    […] has replied to one of my earlier posts and tells me that her next one The Moon Spun Round will be out next […]

  3. Lilly Meath Says:

    I have not read a book in 25 years. Nothing deserving of my time. But there I was standing in the book store waiting for my mother to find what she was looking for, and as I stood there board as can be I looked down to where my hand was placed. The title got me…. In the shadow of trees…… WOW I have to at least pick it up. Well before I knew I was reading the back cover and walking towards the payout desk and I had brought it.
    I have to say, it is the most enchanting read I have ever had. I finished it within a week and went straight out and brought Miriam’s Talisman, and again I was enchanted.
    Thank you Elenor I will wait in batted breath for your next installment.

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