Bad day at work

We all have days at work that we just want to forget….
I’ve just stumbled upon a site on livejournal that totally blows away the long held concept that Librarians are just little old ladies in their cardies.

Be warned, if you cannot tolerate swearing in any shape or form, it’s not the place to visit. But if you think you have had a bad day at your library, go ahead and read what these Librarians have to say about their “bad” days.

For example, from the site:

Someone came up to the desk a few minutes ago and handed me a piece of paper with a three digit number: 137.
“Hey, can you look up a book by this?”
I foolishly assume this number is the call number and take him to this section.
No books there.
I ask for the name of the book, and check pre-shelving. Nothing there.
Finally, I come back to the desk and search for the book by title.
We have it.
It’s on the shelf.
137 is a number in the bibliographic record.

I **** you not, he expected me to find the book by the number of pages it had.


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