More of my favourite authors

My favourite books are mostly set in England, in particular historical England. Anything set from saxon times to 1940’s.
I don’t ask much, just that there is a good storyline, interesting characters, and they be very descriptive!

Quite a lot of our Library borrowers who know my reading preferences ask me if I can recommend any authors as they have read everything by their favourites.

I usually start out with, have you read –
Catherine Cookson, Josephine Cox, E.V. Thompson, Katie Flynn, Iris Gower, Audrey Howard, Jessica Stirling, Emma Blair, Maureen Lee, Lillian Harry or Harry Bowling?

Okay, so you already know about all of these, well what about –
Winston Graham (Poldark Saga), Elizabeth Chadwick, Edith Pargeter, Mary Stewart, Anna Jacobs, Sharon Kay Penman, Jean Plaidy, or Susanna Kearsley?

Well okay, we may be in trouble here 🙂
I then recommend two brilliant writers:

Norah Lofts – in particular The House Trilogy
Helen Forrester
Twopence to Cross the Mersey, By the Waters of Liverpool, Liverpool Miss, Lime Street at Two

If you haven’t read anything by these authors, and I admit they may be hard to find, I can’t recommend them highly enough!


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