Lady of Hay


I love all of Barbara Erskine’s novels, but this is top of my list!
I see that it is being released again with a new cover on the 1st May.
My copy is almost worn out so I will definately be getting another one 🙂
It is available for pre-order from Harper Collins

From the Publisher:

“A stunning repackage for a book that wowed a generation, Lady of Hay has sold over a million copies worldwide.
Jo Clifford, successful journalist, is all set to debunk the idea of past-life regression in her next magazine series. But when she herself submits to a simple hypnotic session, she suddenly finds herself reliving the experiences of Matilda, Lady of Hay, the wife of a baron at the time of King John.
As she learns of Matilda’s unhappy marriage, her love …”

Also, if you are interested in finding more information about Matilda (Maud) de Braose you might like to have a look at the De Braose Family Genealogy Website  Besides having a family tree, it also has a good selection of images relating to many places described in the book.


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