Joined Flickr and in the process of uploading some photos. Apparently nothing will show up until I have been “reviewed” and this takes up to 10 days. At the rate it is uploading, and I’m only doing five, it will take 10 days to upload them anyway…
Man, I’ve GOT to get broadband 😀 the joys of living in the country!!

Update: While I am waiting for Flickr… a hour and a half later… checking out wireless broadband. Looks interesting. Will return with results.
Update: trying to find info on wireless coverage is like trying to wade through a mud pit with thongs on… will post info when I can find it.

Meanwhile, the Flickr pics are up 😯 Whats with that? What about the 10 day delay?
Anyway, it works, and when I have a spare day I will load more.
Hot Tip: If you are not a Meat Loaf fan, don’t bother looking 😆


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