Tasmania Trip 2016


Hobart  5 – 8 
Fountainside http://www.fountainside.com.au/

King Room advanced purchased rate $159 a night – no cancellations


or 3 night stay King Room $173


Shuttle Bus to Mt Wellington:

Port Arthur  8 – 10
Port Arthur Holiday Park http://www.portarthurhp.com.au/
Remarkable Cave and Tasman National Park then en-route to Coles Bay visit the stunning Tasman peninsula, in particular the Tessellated Pavement, Devil’s Kitchen, Tasman Arch and Blow Hall all at Eagle Hawk Neck. Take the scenic drive South past the convict built Spikey Bridge and stop at Swansea for a luscious home-made ice cream from Kate’s Berry Farm.

Coles Bay  10 – 12
BIG4 Iluka on Freycinet
Tombolo Freycinet  woodfired pizza at night
Wineglass Bay Food http://www.wineglassbay.com/food_shops/
Wineglass Bay Lookout is top of your list of things to visit today. Use the morning to explore the sheltered bays and beaches of the Freycinet National Park, and then spend the afternoon on a wildlife cruise or a guided tour of the Freycinet Marine Farm. A penguin tour at Bicheno, viewing the little penguins in their natural environment is the perfect end to the day.

ST Helen’s  12 – 13
BIG4 St Helens Holiday Park $150 a night
Bay of Fires – Lonely Planet’s top destination in the world!

Launceston  13 – 15
Quality Hotel Colonial Launceston $150 a night
Luigis Top 10 for Launceston:


Stay here instead of cradle mountain?

Sheffield Motor Inn $120 a night

Sheffield - mural 12

Cradle Mountain  15 – 16
http://www.discoveryholidayparks.com.au/tas/cradle_mountain/cradle_mountain/specials      $165 a night
Tasmania’s World Heritage Listed Cradle Mountain is best explored on foot, and has short walks taking you to spectacular natural features including King Solomon Cave, Devils Gullet, Liffey Falls and Marakoopa Cave

Dove Lake Circut  2 Hours Walking http://www.parks.tas.gov.au/?base=1318

Cradle Shuttle Bus  is FREE  http://www.parks.tas.gov.au/file.aspx?id=19115

McDermotts Coaches operates a shuttle bus service on behalf of the Parks and Wildlife Service. The shuttle bus service operates between the Visitors Centre and Transit Terminal, located at the former airstrip to Dove Lake. The service is aimed at protecting the important values of the World Heritage Area while also preserving the visitor experience.

The service has been highly successful in reducing visitor traffic on the road to Dove Lake by one-third. It has attracted a highly favourable response from Tasmanian, interstate and overseas visitors since its introduction.

The shuttle service operates seven days a week. In addition to your Park Pass fee, a charge for the use of the shuttle bus service may apply.

Due to the high visitation at Cradle Mountain throughout the year, visitors are encouraged to leave cars at the Visitors Centre and Transit Terminal (located 2km before the park boundary) and take the shuttle bus service to the Interpretation Centre and Ranger Station, Snake Hill, Ronny Creek, Waldheim, and Lake Dove.



Park Fees  http://www.parks.tas.gov.au/?base=914  8 weeks pass $60 per car

Strahan  16 – 18

Cruise the Macquarie Harbour and the mighty Gordon River, relax at the waterside cafes or travel the West Coast Wilderness Railway.


Queenstown to Hobart

The drive back to Hobart (like most drives in Tasmania) is beautiful. Stop en-route at Lake St Clair, Australia’s deepest freshwater lake, and do one or more of the short walks around the lake or take a cruise and sit back and relax. Further along the road is the Mt Field National Park which has a diverse range of natural features and vegetation from tall swamp gums and huge tree ferns at the base of the mountain to areas of rainforest and even alpine vegetation at the mountain’s peak.


A spare day to either spend at one of the locations along the way that you fell in love with, or another day to explore Hobart.

tourist information centres

I’m Back

Oh my word… I haven’t been able to access my Blog for so long as I changed Internet Providers and emails. For the life of me I couldn’t remember what my login was until now!! 😀 Got no answer from wordpress, but had a lightning moment and thought Oh I wonder if that is it and PRESTO am happy chappy today!!!!! Need to change my gravatar NOW omg I look like a dork LOL 

Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary to me

I can’t believe it has been two years since I started this Blog! The time has flown by. I started this to learn about Library & Web 2.o, and it sure was a huge learning curve the first few months. Lately I have been thinking about the direction this blog is going, somedays I think nowhere 😆

I am still considering things, but right now I’m not sure which direction to take, so guess it will just be bits and pieces of my life, things that interest me. I have been trying to complete a inventory of my royal memorabilia collection, and may transfer what I have over here, not sure yet….

For all the visitors, over 22,000 now, thanks for dropping by, and for your encouragement and many comments.

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Kernewek Lowender & Gumeracha Medieval Fair

Kernewek Lowender

The 2009 Copper Coast Cornish Festival will be held from the 11th to 17th of May 2009. For more details click here

Gumeracha Medieval Fair

May 2nd & 3rd of May 2009 AD. For more details click here

I plan on going to BOTH, have wanted to for years, and this year I will get organised!

Latest ebay purchase

Here’s the picture I promised Lynda…. gorgeous bread bin and utensil holder from marks and spencers in England


Blog Search Engines

I’ve been having trouble with google blog search, and are still investigating the source of the problem.

Here is a list of other search engines to use:

I haven’t been here on this blog for a little while, exciting things happening at work! I have been setting up a group blog for internal communication, which has taken up a lot of my spare time, also studying is about to start for the year as well!

It’s all go go go, hard to do that though, when the average temperature over the last few days has been about 42 degrees, celcius that is…….
It’s been so hot that it buckled the train tracks! And no relief in sight….


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Ped Egg – it actually works!

I was lucky enough to receive a Ped Egg for Xmas.
You know those things you see advertised on TV, you watch the infomercial and think to yourself “yeah right”

well… it actually works!!!!!

I have spent a virtual fortune on heel balms and the like over the years, nothing works, even with following the instructions to the letter! A couple of years ago my heels were so bad I just couldn’t stand it a single day longer and went to a podiatrist, what bliss, I walked out feeling fantastic, but of course with a short time back came the dry cracked skin. And at $70 a pop I just couldn’t afford to have regular treatments.

So it was with little hope that I opened my Ped Egg, I couldn’t believe my eyes, the dry skin just melted off!!  I even put my glasses on because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. So if you suffer from the same problem, do yourself a favour and get one of these little beauties! 


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