Australian Libraries using Librarything for Libraries

There are a few more libraries in OZ now using Librarything for Libraries. I love Librarything and use it to search for new authors, reviews and recommendations.
LibraryThing for Libraries enriches the online catalog with Library 2.0. tools
Just as a point of interest, LibraryThing has over 32 million books catalogued and is larger than the Library of Congress!!
They have also made images of book covers of a million books available for anyone to use for free!

Kingston Information & Library Service

Yarra Plenty Regional Library

State Library of Tasmania

Moonee Valley Library Service

Brisbane City Council Library Service 


Starting IE7 with multiple tabs

In an effort to make it easier for staff at work on the circulation desk I have found a useful tool available in IE7. We start each day with Tabs for the following: catalogue enquiry search, pc booking page, PLAIN, Libraries Australia and Google search.

At home I start with: iGoogle, Google BlogSearch, my blog, and my facebook

multiple homepages

multiple homepages

To customize your opening tabs:

Click the Tools Menu
Click Internet Options
Click the General Tab
Type in or paste an URL that you want to use as your home page in the Home Page section.
Hit ENTER and type in another URL
Repeat until you have all the ones you want
Click OK
Close and Restart your browser to see them all open at once

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